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In June of 2016, we moved out of our apartment and into a 33 foot vintage Argosy by Airstream travel trailer with our adult disabled son and two black cats.  This page is about what we have learned and who we are watching on YouTube.

One of my favorite youtubers is Bob Wells, who also has a website called Cheap RV Living dot Com.  While we do not live in a van, well, not right now anyway, but I have lived in a van in my past, I none the less find Bob's videos interesting and enlightening.  You can find his Youtube channel here: Bob Wells YouTube Channel  and his website here: Cheap RV Living dot Com

Another favorite of mine is somebody who is in process downsizing and preparing to sell her home and move into an RV.  Channel is still called FreidasGarden, but she has plans for using the moniker RVFreeDa, which I love.  I wish I could come up with a name and something unique to video blog about, but so far, nada for me.  Check out my friend's YouTube channel here:  Freida's Garden

Some of the other youtubers I have subscribed to include:

Nomadic Fanatic (Eric and his huge cat, Jax) - young man with a huge cat makes videos of his travels across the USA.

Adventure Van Man - young man who has worked at Amazon, but I have not  yet met in person.

Beth LaFata - a friend I met while working at Amazon in Coffeyville in 2014

Wanderlust Estate - Work campers who video blog their working experiences

Modagazzi Travels - Family workcamping and video blogging about the experiences - working at the same location in Kentucky as we are in 2016, but have not actually met them in person yet.

Follow the Hearts - this family worked Amazon in Coffeyville with us in 2014.

RV Lady - Just started following her, seems like a nice person.  Found her because of something dramatic that happened with the kids in Follow the Hearts.

Enigmatic Nomadics - These folks were doing some collaboration with Bob Wells up until sometime in 2016, when they opted to dissolve the partnership and have separate channels.  I don't know much about them, but am still following.

Backroads Vanner - Doesn't live full time in his van, but does do a lot of backroads camping.

Now here's a list of some things I either have or want - these are going to be affiliate links, so if you click through and buy anything (whether it is something I've listed or something you discover while you are there) Amazon will pay me a small (or tiny) advertising fee which will not affect your cost in any way.  So thank you in advance if you feel like shopping today.

This is something I've been hearing a LOT about and I have a couple of friends who bought one and they are uber effusive about how much they love it.  I'm considering one for the trailer, myself

To see all of the available Instant Pots, click here:  List of Instant Pots or here: Instant Pot

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