Frugal Life

My parents both lived through the depression - my father was born in 1900, and my mother was born in 1927.  My Aunt Dorothy was born in 1899, and was around for much of my youth.  These three people, along with my maternal grandmother, instilled in me the concept of frugality as a virtue.  So it is a bit surprising to me to suddenly see an influx of books and facebook groups on these ideals.  Depending on your perspective,  you may find inspiration in non-consumerism, minimalism, or just plain frugality also known as thrift.  For me, they are so tangent as to be enmeshed and I find it hard to sort these topics out from one another.

Did you grow up with a wringer washing machine?  I did, and this whimsical electrical switchplate cover is a fair example of what ours looked like:

Wringer Washing Machine Decorative Outlet Cover

Apparently there are still people using these machines, and some of them are in minimalist, frugal life, and non-consumer facebook groups.  I had no idea.

This page is a work in progress, more coming soon!

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