Thursday, June 8, 2017

My Sister Loves Horses The Way I Love Chocolate

... but her horses last a lot longer than my chocolate, ha-ha-ha.

Anyway, I was just thinking about my baby sis, and a conversation we had not too long ago on Facebook that, while serious between us, had the audience (our collective friends and family) laughing their proverbial asses off.  You see, she wants me to ride horses with her, but I have a deep seated fear of them.  I called it "post traumatic runaway horse syndrome" when she said she'd gotten our elderly at the time mother up on her horse and reminded her that our mother (now deceased) did not suffer from it.  I told her I wouldn't force her on roller skates, so she shouldn't try to force me on a horse.  Anyway, maybe you had to be there and know us.  Guess you'll have to trust me that the exchange was humorous to those who commented.

So, rambling on today, I had an issue with one of the links in my last post - apparently I had made an error in the html for Pip the Bear in the tiny heads kingdom.  So this morning, first thing, I had to go learn how to fix the issue.  And I did it without my coffee!  (breaks arm patting self on back)

I saw that there's a horse category on my favorite calendars site and thought I'd toss it in here for my sister and her horse loving buddies.
Shop Calendars for Horse Lovers at Wall, Mini, and Desk Versions Available!

Then I discovered that there are a lot more than just calendars there ... OMG!  I am amazed!!!

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