Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Getting Ready for 2017 - Got Calendar?

Sometimes my brain feels like a flippin' ping pong ball. This would be one of those times.

Talk about a rabbit hole (As in going down one a la Alice in Wonderland) I started out clearing up my bookmarks bar, then started deleting old squidoo bookmarks that are broken links. Hit upon one that has some javascript that used to make a nice image & link to Amazon that would work on Squidoo. 

If curious, you can find that page at the link which follows, but I think it's outdated and that using the tools at Amazon proper works better than imarketingtool.com

Wondering if it would work on weebly, (it didn't) I went to Amazon to find a link to test it with. Logged into my associate account, and saw clicks and purchases that I didn't know had happened. While trying to figure out where the clicks had come from, I found a tiny house calendar and recalled somebody recently saying they were very interested in tiny houses ... only for the love of chocolate I cannot recall who or when. So apparently I have the mind of a jackrabbit and the memory of a goldfish. 

That said, here's the calendar, and fyi, it is an affiliate link because that's how the site stripe works. I have no idea where the clicks came from, however, because I haven't used that particular tracking ID since Squidoo died. I am really puzzled!

So after determining that the tool's generated HTML doesn't work on Weebly, I decided to see what it looks like here.  This is the result:

Rather ugly, in my opinion.  Hard to see, and the image for the "buy at amazon.com" button no longer links to an active icon.  I also tested the tool with 10 titles in rows of 2, which is how I have used it in the past, during the glorious days of Squidoo, but I kept getting an error that said the site was taking too long to respond, so I finally gave up.  Guess that's another bookmark I can safely delete.

Seriously, though, Amazon's new tools are awesome especially when compared to the old tools I had to use on Squidoo.  

This was all done with Amazon's image linking tool:

Then, of course, there's the old way of inserting images that can include the price.  

I am still fond of using the image and text as separate entities, like this: 

Grumpy Cat Mini Wall Calendar (2017)

Now to figure out which calendar I want for 2017!

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